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         Students in Pueblo Del Sol at 39th Aveeno in McDowell play basketball. Others can see students play, see that they are a good player and they can join in, help there players get a good shot. Showing others that basketball is a0p good sport.

            Basketball sometimes get others injured in purpose or in accident, it depends. But they still keep on going. Basketball makes there teammates back up and get stronger to win.

             Basketball teaches students about being a good team player and can be a great social sport. Basketball puts a lot of stress in our body’s and injuries can happen, so warming up, stretching our muscles and cooling down in important.

          Building endurance can help our hearts be healthy. Basketball has rules to follow, and breaking them can result in your future not just for yourself but your team.  

           Parents, Teachers, Siblings help them move on and get a good future to help them with their lives and be a good person and they can help others be a good player, good person and a good teammate.

       Gabriela said “my first shot was when i went to the park with my friends and family, it was the best first game i played.”

         Basketball is a good sport for others because it helps keeps others involved and helps them low things in your body to not be in a risk.Basketballs builds for strength. jumping and other physical demands of basketball helps develop and improve bone health.

      Mariela said “Basketball my life, to make myself stronger and to show my parents that am cable to make the best out of me and help my family with a good life and a good health.”

        Bones and muscles both become stronger when muscles push and tug against bones during physical activity.Basketball can also burn calories in your body and other things in the body.

      Basketball is a good sport for others and helps teammates move on and get the best out of them, to be a good in the inside. Basketball was invented in 1839, a young man named Abner Doubleday invented the game known as baseball in Cooperstown, New York, during the summer of 1839.









Band Practice

  My sisters and other students do band practice everyday in there school, to get more interested in playing music around schools and other places, traveling and having fun.Students could know how to play music and gets a good career when they grow older. I know it’s hard to control a instrument that we need to work out with, its good to learn how to play to show yourself or others.
         Students like to make music and get famous but band it takes you to different places around the world to show the people you are capable to be the best of who you are and make a good achievements. People around the world like music in soft note or hard note, but it makes the students have fun by making music with the interments that they have.Some kids leave their friends or don’t have them to talk or play because their practicing everyday (hard work).

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        Music makes people take them to a different place because of the music that were making today as a team. Practicing Music is good for there lives and their future. Music was made September 27, 1974.Band Practice helps other get good grades,good life,and good careers in their future, parents want their kid to get a good career , don’t they?

      Gabriela Saucedo (my sister) said “Its hard to control the notes because i just got in band last year but this year it’s gonna change my life.” She wants her life to go well and get a good career and be a person that has a lot of effort. She wants to make her future a better place. Kids around the world now how to band instruments ages to 6 through up, i don’t know how they do it but those kids are smart.


School Dress Code

Some students in different schools hate to be good dressed for school. K-8 have to be wearing school dress code to be safe out of school so if something happens teachers and over people see a kid or student they will know that they been taken or beat up.

    High Schoolers in different schools have to dressed with clothes cause they grown up.High schooler’s have ID to know what school they go, and they lose their ID they will know that this person lost there ID and that school will know there information about them.So its important to have information about that person cause something could happen to that person.

   School Dress Code is to much for kids through K-8 , students argue about the school dress code they want to be dressed nice with clothes not dress codes because kids just want to dress with there clothes.The first school dress code law was established in 1969 by the U.S. Supreme Court.

      Parents don’t want their kids to go to school without uniform cause it good for there safety and for there safety of school . Student across the countries have dress codes cause they want to know that they are learning and they are doing well.

      Most states have laws that allow school boards to make dress code rules for students within their district to promote a safe career.Most smaller kids like to be dressed because some of them don’t really care what they wear.

Cellphones In Schools

Student and Teachers in West Phoenix High School and other schools get affected by using their phones in class while learning. Students don’t pay attention to their teachers that are helping them to learn but, some students use their cellphones to learn and do research.


     Teenegars that ride car in Senor year have crashed because of cellphones but some teenegars just wait until they go home or school.Some students listen to music while learning that good but teachers think that get ignoring them but students is cool for them.


     Students think it’s good to bring cellphones to school it is good because they get to call their parents for emergencies ,texts what’s going on, and other things that could happen around the school.


    Some kids like to start social media in school with they will like to see who the best or something. Texting in phones to another person why can’t they say it in person but, i don’t know why they start something that they didn’t even do.

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    Students and little kids change their emotions cause of phones come kids get crazy for there phones and some other students get affected to there phones and not sleep.In school some kids don’t have phones because their parents don’t want them to lose their career because they might use their phone in class without learning.


     Why would they want to spend a day playing with cellphones anyway, especially as it turns out that cellphones are banned in the school. Some kids that use cellphones in schools just to text cause at home they have all that time but i guess they just want to show others that there in school with their friends having fun or boring class.



    Adults and kids want to play sports, kids in different places play with cans and other different things but kids in the U.S plays sports with different kind of sport balls.Kids and Adults want to be stronger and get a good health and a good career.

    Kids,teenagers and adults around the Unites States play day and night.People see that kids play sports in different ways. Kids want to be stronger and get a good future.

    Children all around the U.S sometimes play to get better and play agent others in different schools. Teenagers play in the U.S and other places to see that they are capable enough to beat others (not in a mean way). Couches help children to find there success in sports to make them feel wanted. Parents want there kids to have skills to have the strength to play a sport and train to get them capable of themselves.

     Sports shapes their body and make it strong and active.Sports can help the body get even stronger and more muscles. When playing sports it shows that people have a chance to show themselves that there capable to win.

Children’s around the world play sports to get them going with there future and life’s and Adults play sports to get them good enough to teach other people how they were good enough to play agents that person and make them better in the future.Children in other countries come to the U.S to get a good career and achieve there goals to make them even better.

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Apartment Cleaning

Mom’s  and Teenagers that go Apartment cleaning , they work in the mornings to night or rely. People can know how things get done and its important because mom’s and teenagers should know how it feels to know how it’s supposed to be an now how moms suffer of cleaning by themselves or with another person.

           Other teenagers help their mom’s apartment clean in the weekends to get money for there stuff they need like i help my moms clean sometimes when i dont go to school or in the weekends sometimes it fun to clean with your mom sometimes but some other days its gets hard cause some apartments have more room and bathrooms.

          It’s good to clean so others can earn more money for themselves and for there families. Mom’s do Offices ,they want to get paid well so they do i think three apartments a day or two cause sometimes you would not like to say all night and no resting or having fun with your families, daughter’s or son’s.

          There is a person that i know its my mom and she said “it’s hard to clean cause i don’t have anybody to work with me so i have to get friends that want to work but give them half of my paycheck” it’s not cool to get someone else half of your paycheck but it’s far for them.

          Sometimes people get so uncomfortable cause sometimes there is dirty ovens and dirty fridges and people take like 2 or more hours to just clean it, well we can just take a picture of it and the boss of apartment cleaning gives them more money to see that they did it correct she said “it’s okay to get more money cause i need money for my daughters. So i need to work hard for my family and for the rent at home”

         People, mothers need to money to help their families and mothers want the money to help pay the rent, there car , the light and other things. Mothers sometimes have cuts and hurt things mostly in their hands cause they use their hands to clean but its hard. “My hands hurt from working but i need the money to help my daughters get the things they need and a good career.”

        She said “ i want my daughters to be good and health and get the things they need and i know it hard for me but i need my daughters to be in good hands, i get tired a lot but sometimes i go with someone else to help me so i will be with my family because i’m not that much at home and close to my daughters.” mothers don’t sometimes have the time to be with their families because of  their jobs.

          Teenager’s help there moms sometimes clean like i do in the weekends cause i want to help my mom so we can have time to be together and work together.

          It’s always hard to work my your own but it’s okay to get money so we can help others and get the things they need and so Apartment Cleaning is hard for my mom and other moms too.

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